FocusVision Revelation Online Qualitative Research Platform

Deep-dive into your customers’ lives and see their truth through their lens.

Drive brand and product development by getting close to your customers in real-time

FocusVision Revelation is an online qualitative research solution taking you into your customers’ everyday lives to uncover their motivations, behaviors, and emotions around why your brand, product and/or services are important in their lives. Using social media-style interactions, participants easily share their thoughts and feelings, along with photographs and video, all which deliver rich, deep insights into their lives.

Uncover your Customer Truth™ with the most dynamic and user-friendly online qualitative research/mobile diary platform on the market today.

Trusted by industry leaders

Start the conversation and build communities

Create extended interactions with your customers in all geographic locations.

Unobtrusively learn what’s in their refrigerator, wardrobe, medicine cabinet or follow their out-of-home experiences in the workplace, stores or on the street.

Post ads, concepts or packaging and get instant feedback on what people really think.

Your customers can post and like comments, images, and video on a live feed, just like social media.

Social Engagement: Designing for Participant Interaction in Digital Qualitative Studies
Five tips to help researchers build social interactions and connections when conducting online qualitative research.

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Manage your project with expert tools

Use a variety of techniques to explore emotions, behaviors, and context.

Capture in-the-moment insights with web and mobile diaries, one-time activities, and discussions.

Use the interactive activity, Concept Canvas, to get instant feedback on anything from ads and positioning statement to packaging and websites.

View your data in multiple ways, including image and video galleries, word clouds and word trees and more.

Activity Design: Five Techniques to Build a Successful Digital Qualitative Study
Learn how you can build a successful online qualitative research study with these five techniques.

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Stay GDPR Ready

The Obscure Profile PII (Personally Identifiable Information) feature helps support GDPR compliance and efficiency. Enabling it masks participant PII, including first name, last name, email address and avatar.

Benefit from professional support services

Full tech support for you and your participants.

The Revelation Participant Management Service helps you maximize respondent activity levels by maintaining daily communication with your respondents. The team will also handle any participant inquiries, direct platform questions to the technical team and keep you updated on participation daily as well. Additional services are available for project set-up, recruitment, language translations and more.

Learn more about FocusVision Revelation Professional Services Offerings.

Qualitative insights technology for many applications

Deep-dive into your customers’ lives and experience their truth through their lens

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Case Study: Revelation opens a window into Kazakhstani youth

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Revelation is also great for


Brand health & perception
Brand positioning


Ad concept testing
Messaging testing


Customer journey
In-home use tests


Concept evaluation
Product testing

UX & Usability

Concept testing
Packaging design

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