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Now anyone can run an online video focus group.


Connect. Engage. Discover.

Connecting with your customers through interactive video and online focus groups generates more impactful market insights and helps you make customer-focused decisions that drive brand loyalty. With FocusVision InterVu Now, it’s easier than ever to see your customers for yourself and get close to their truth, all within an instant, with no special software required. Just click then start your session.

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With InterVu Now you can easily conduct online focus groups. In this example, online focus group software with 5 participants.

Gain customer insights

Reach people, whenever, wherever, to capture meaningful feedback, thoughts and non-verbal responses.

Just click, then talk

No need for you or your participants to download special software to start a conversation. View and interact with your focus group from the comfort of your office or home.

Capture emotions quickly

Zero-in on facial expressions and body language to immediately measure reactions and get feedback.

InterVu Now online interview interface.

Download and share videos with ease

Dive into deeper insights and switch between individual and group views.

Deploy an always-on solution

Social media and technology actively impact customer experiences and opinions. Act quickly and stay connected with your customers to understand sentiments; ask your employees what they think; or regularly meet with your beta testers or customer advisory board to pressure test new developments.

Discover more, for less

Cost-efficiently optimize your team’s time to access and analyze live video focus groups, concept testing, crisis management and more…from any location, in real-time.

See how eBay used webcam interviews to enrich customer understanding:

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InterVu Now video playback options for recorded online focus groups and online interviews.

Clearly better

  • Leverage over two decades of live focus group and research best practices from a proven insights technology leader
  • Record and play back full group views and/or individual participant views
  • Easily organize your calls into unique “rooms”
  • No software download, technician or third-party apps required

Put informed insights to work across your organization


Health, perception & loyalty assessment
Brand positioning

Voice of Customer

Customer satisfaction
Creative/campaign testing


Concept testing
Crisis management

UX & Usability

Concept testing
Concept evaluation

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InterVu Now is a light version of FocusVision’s industry-leading InterVu technology, leveraging more than two decades of live focus group and research best practices. The InterVu solution brings together advanced interview capabilities and hands-on services to help you get the most out of customer conversations…now.

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