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Survey & reporting tools for business professionals.

Scaling surveys from simple to sophisticated without compromise

FocusVision Decipher is the most comprehensive, yet easy to use, professional survey and reporting solution. Run a just-in-time quick poll, undertake a large-scale multi-country, multi-language study or anything in-between to get close enough to your customers’ to understand their thoughts and feelings and ensure their voice comes through in your data insights without being limited to prefabricated templates.

No other solution has that scale.

Trusted by industry leaders

Survey solutions to fit your customers’ lifestyles

Reach people, anywhere, anytime, on the device of their choice, to gather their feedback, understand what they think and confirm it applies to your wider audience. Pose questions using a sliding scale, get people to highlight what interests them most or use any other interactive question types available in our broad library. Mobile-friendly surveys are optimized with your respondents in mind for the best experience.

Deliver up-to-the minute insights

Share customer insights as soon as you have them. Organize data, track field progress, get campaign stats and view platform metrics through a centralized hub. Show your results through real-time crosstabs, tables, chart controls, stat testing, and data weighting. Advanced filters and splits help you discover target segment opinions. One click to PowerPoint eases reporting and communication.

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Activate your projects quickly through templates

Want to run an ad test, evaluate your brand awareness or capture your Net Promotor Score but short on time? Our carefully designed FocusVision Decipher templates provide an easy, low-cost way to get to your Customer Truth™ faster than ever.

Tell stories through the power of video

See your customers for yourself through video. Video opens a window into your customers’ lives. It’s authentic. It delivers their truth. Bring your customer into every meeting so their voice can be heard and informed decisions made. Capture video responses to bring the online survey data to life and provide the aha moment you need. FocusVision Decipher’s video open-end feature lets you watch your customers tell their stories and feel their emotion.

Video Open Ends Best Practices
In this guide, you will learn how to capture video open ends using Decipher, FocusVision’s online survey platform, and what to expect from the exercise.

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Enjoy full service, professional support

Our Professional Research Services programming team is always on the other end of the phone. You can get us to do the programming for you, rather than doing it for yourself.

When we help with the heavy lifting, you’ll have from eight to twelve people behind you: a client success manager, lead programmer, project manager, and other programmers.

FocusVision are also experts in migrating trackers from a competitor survey solution to FocusVision Decipher. Simply speak to one of our project managers to get started. Learn more about FocusVision Decipher Research Services Support.

“Not only do you have a powerful survey builder tool, but access to their incredibly fast team that customizes your survey to meet your exact needs. The speed of their customer service is simply astonishing and [FocusVision Decipher’s] straightforward set of tools makes creating surveys fast, fun and visually gratifying for respondents.”

Michael Coffing, Stimulus Coordinator/CAPI Author, Ameritest

Survey and reporting technology for many applications

English Football Association Wins Using FocusVision Decipher to Capture Fan Journeys

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FocusVision Decipher – Scaling surveys from simple to sophisticated

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Decipher is also great for


Brand health & tracking
Net promoter score


Ad tracking
Net promoter score


VOC programs

Human Resources

Employee satisfaction


Concept testing
Concept evaluation

UX & Usability

Concept testing
Concept evaluation

60 million completes per year

30,000+ projects per year

80 languages supported

FocusVision Video Insights

Show and share your findings. Understand the data, highlight the insights and then tell the story.

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FocusVision Revelation

Dig deeper. Talk to your customers face-to-face, create communities and everything else qualitative.

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FocusVision InterVu

The most intuitive interview tool. Execute group and 1:1 interviews from anywhere.

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